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JHS The Crayon (NEW)

JHS The Crayon (NEW)

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Ever since the Colour Box first came out, customers have been coming to Sweetwater asking how they can get that same iconic console distortion but in a more affordable pedal that's built just for guitar. That's why we're so excited to offer the JHS Crayon. The Crayon beautifully emulates the distressed sound of a classic British recording console pushed to the limit. Between the Master volume control and the Pre drive control, you can dial in anything from a touch of warmth to fuzzy and chaotic overdrive. And while the JHS Crayon doesn't have the full 3-band EQ of the Colour Box, its switchable highpass filter tilt EQ control lets you shift the balance between highs and lows in a way that delivers exceptional tone shaping.

JHS Crayon Console Distortion Pedal Features:

The same amazing distortion of the Colour Box, but in a more affordable guitar pedal

100% analog signal path, based on the design of classic Neve mixing consoles

Dual gain stages deliver everything from subtle sweetening to full-on distortion

Re-creates the classic sound of plugging a guitar directly into a mic preamp

Shape your tone with a switchable highpass filter (internally selectable) and a tilt EQ

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