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Line 6 Relay G10S Digital Wireless Guitar System (NEW)

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Looking to cut the cord between your axe and your amp? The Line 6 Relay G10S makes it easy. Ideal for guitar, bass, and any other instrument with a high-impedance output, this digital wireless system connects your gear up to 130 feet away via frequency-agile, multiple-redundant, 24-bit digital audio. Automatic or manual frequency selection gives you plenty of setup options, and wireless signal and battery level LED indicators make sure you stay up and running. Get your sound anywhere you need it with an XLR direct output. Emulate the sound of a 10- or 30-foot cable with the Cable Tone switch. You’ll appreciate the Relay G10S’s ease of use, and with up to six hours of continuous operation, battery life is never an issue.

Line 6 Relay G10S Digital Wireless System Features:

  • Simple, affordable, and reliable instrument digital wireless system with 130' range
  • Automatic setup means you never have to mess with menus or settings
  • Manual frequency selection for using specific channels
  • Redundant 24-bit digital wireless provides highly dynamic, clear, and reliable transmission
  • Transmitter runs for up to 6 hours per charge and charges in the docking receiver
  • Wireless signal and battery level LED indicators
  • XLR direct out for getting your sound anywhere you need it
  • Cable Tone switch emulates the sound of a 10' or 30' cable
  • Ideal for guitar, bass, or other instruments with high-impedance outputs