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Ludwig L205SF Speed Flyer Double Bass Drum Pedal (NEW)

Ludwig L205SF Speed Flyer Double Bass Drum Pedal (NEW)

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Ludwig's L204SF Speed Flyer Double-bass Pedal enables quick kicking that's easier than ever. Just like the single-kick Speed Flyer, you'll find that the classic attack and response of Ludwig's chain-driven pedal now delivers a healthier, more focused strike with its heavier beater. New smooth-action bearings provide a more responsive feel, and its toe-clamp redesign minimizes damage to the hoop while simultaneously creating a more secure and reliable grip. The Speed Flyer's improved baseboard adds stability to the rig, holding an attached drum key and providing orientation marks that make adjusting the cam a whole lot easier. This sleekly redesigned pedal also includes a semi-rigid bag to make travel easier and protect it while in transport. Engineered for both convenience and powerful response, this Ludwig Speed Flyer is double kicking at its finest.

Ludwig L204SF Speed Flyer Double-bass Drum Pedal Features:

Ludwig's strong, reliable, and iconic chain-driven pedal design

Sleek overall redesign based on Ludwig's classic drum pedal

Heavier weighted beater results in a stronger, more focused strike to your drumhead

Smooth-action bearings replace old bushings for improved heel plate action with a responsive feel

Toe-clamp redesign reduces damage to the hoop and creates a reliable grip

Added convenience features such as included drum key and orientation marks for efficient cam adjustments

Semi-rigid carrying bag included for ease of transport

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