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MXR M80 Bass DI +

MXR M80 Bass DI +

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Be prepared for any gig with the MXR M80 Bass D.I.+ preamp pedal. From wedding gigs to rock shows to studio sessions you'll be ready to lay down the low end. Dedicated clean and distortion channels give you tone-shaping flexibility and classic sounds. Multiple outputs make the M80 Bass D.I.+ perfect for multi-amp setups, running to the PA, or for studio sessions. A built-in noise gate keep the M80 silent between notes. Whether you are using it as a distortion pedal or as a full-blown preamp/DI, the MXR M80 Bass D.I.+ has the killer sounds you want from your bass.

MXR M80 Bass D.I.+ Bass Guitar Preamp Pedal Features:
Compact dual-channel bass preamp pedal

Clean and distorted channels

Defeatable and adjustable noise gate

XLR and 1/4" outputs

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