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Mythos Pedals

Mythos Pedals Olympus Overdrive (NEW)

Mythos Pedals Olympus Overdrive (NEW)

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The Olympus is back and now part of the regular Mythos lineup! We took the “Spartan” series has been condensed into a smaller package but still retains all the great tone found in the original unit. The Olympus Overdrive is a tribute to the incredible Gainster/Hoochie Mama circuit that has become much sought after on the used market. Known by many as a “Klon-Killer” and for good reason, it’s a powerful yet musical overdrive that only enhances what you already have.

The Olympus features three interactive controls, Volume, Presence and Gain. The Presence and Gain controls work together to achieve anything from smooth lead tones to bright and chimey rhythm sounds. The overall tone has a very “tweed” like mid push but it’s overwhelming and doesn’t mask the tone you guitar and amp have while the pedal is off. The only change is the new version has increased low end and slight increase to overall gain to give it a bit more flexibility.

Natural voicing that compliments your guitar

Wide range of tones from the interactive controls

Increased low end and gain compared to original

True Bypass Wiring

Top Mount Jacks

Approx. 10 mA Current Draw

All Mythos Pedals operate on standard 9 volt dc power adapters. Center negative only. Mythos Pedals do not have internal 9 volt battery clips.

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