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Orange O Bass - Orange (NEW)

Orange O Bass - Orange (NEW)

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Orange isn’t all about amps. Birthed from the mind of Adrian Emsley, the company's technical director, the O-Bass shines with vintage appeal and retro radiance that make it the perfect bass for vintage voice chasers. The O-Bass stands as a proud amalgamation of Emsley’s bass knowledge acquired over a lifetime of hands-on experience modding and designing basses. Finally, he landed upon pure gold — rather, pure orange. Built from a lightweight and resonant okoume body, maple neck, and purpleheart fingerboard, this sleek and shapely bass has thrilled players of all stripes with its insatiable custom-wound split-coil humbucker tone.

Orange O-Bass Electric Bass Guitar Features: 

  • Plays with retro P-Bass flare with loads of sonic personality
  • Okoume body is lightweight and resonant
  • Bolt-on maple neck with purpleheart fingerboard stays comfortable all gig long
  • Custom-wound split-coil humbucker brings warm Motown tones as well as aggressive early rock tones
  • Well-balanced bass response and defined midrange 
  • Sturdy nickel top-loading bridge anchors string resonance to the body 
  • Open-gear tuners keep your tuning locked in with vintage aesthetic appeal
  • Brainchild of Orange Technical Director Adrian Emsley



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