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Orange Super Crush 100 - 100-watt Solid-state 1 x 12" Combo - Orange (NEW)

Orange Super Crush 100 - 100-watt Solid-state 1 x 12" Combo - Orange (NEW)

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Orange's Super Crush 100 Combo Amplifier is a 1 x12-inch solid-state amplifier packing 100 watts of tube-emulated power. Building off their successful Crush Pro, the Super Crush 100 compact design features a 2-channel JFET preamp and a 100-watt power amp that pair to make it sound like you're really wailing on a giant tube amp. Equipped with four stages of gain, a passive 3-band EQ, and Orange's aggressive Dirty Channel, the Super Crush gives you plenty of headroom on your clean tones while shaping your overdrive to just the right level of classic Orange grit. Guitarists are blown away by the Super Crush's CabSim speaker emulation, effortlessly bestowing the grunt of a 2 x 12-inch cabinet on your unsuspecting audience. Switch into Cab Back mode to select between an open- or closed-back cab sound, and let the Celestion speaker maximize every watt you use. Add a bit of Orange's built-in reverb and a fully buffered FX loop, and the Super Crush 100 will deliver your ideal British-flavored tones.

Orange Super Crush 100 1 x 12-inch Combo Amplifier Features:

  • Compact, 1 x 12-inch designed to minimize space while maximizing sound
  • Footswitchable for convenient onstage channel controlling
  • 100W Class A/B power amp and 2-channel JFET preamp for heavy-hitting power and presence
  • Built-in tube emulation technology mimicking that vintage Orange tube sound
  • 3-band EQ with 4 stages of gain, developing as many finely tuned clean tones and as much gritty overdrive as you desire
  • CabSim speaker emulation packs the sound of a 2 x 12-inch cabinet into you space-efficient combo amp
  • Cab Back selector allows for even more customization of your simulated cabinet sound
  • Built-in reverb and fully buffered FX loop for vintage ambience and easy pedalboard compatibility
  • Celestion speakers maximize your sound with its 150W power handling
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