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PreSonus HD7 Semi-open Monitoring Headphones (NEW)

PreSonus HD7 Semi-open Monitoring Headphones (NEW)

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If you’re looking to experience clear and full-range monitoring with exclusively deep bass, then a pair of PreSonus HD7 headphones is exactly what you seek. These dynamic headphones provide a clear-cut mid to high-end output, paired with a patented sound chamber for notably wide bass projection. With leather earpads and an auto-adjusting headband, you’ll get a comfortable, quality sound during even the longest recording sessions. Additionally, you’ll get an 8-foot straight cable and a plug adapter for instant use on any device.

PreSonus HD7 Semi-open Monitoring Headphones Features:

  • Acoustic construction serves a crisp sound with booming low-end
  • Semi-open, dynamic drivers offer faithful playback
  • Comfortable leather earpads provide comfort for longer recording sessions
  • Includes 8-foot 2-inch straight cable and screw-on plug adapter for easy connectivity
  • 10Hz–30kHz frequency response brings a robust low-end listening experience with clear mid and high-end output
  • Auto-adjusting headband optimizes comfort and mobility
  • Sturdy build creates reliable on-the-go functionality
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