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PreSonus StudioLive 16.0.2 USB Performance & Recording Digital Mixer (NEW)

PreSonus StudioLive 16.0.2 USB Performance & Recording Digital Mixer (NEW)

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The PreSonus StudioLive 16.0.2 USB Performance & Recording Digital Mixer is a compact yet powerful digital mixer with an 18 x 16 USB interface for direct recording with Mac- or Windows-based DAW software. Its compact frame features 16 inputs—including 8 mono mic/line balanced inputs and 4 stereo line input channels—all fitted with 60mm precision faders. All mono input channels feature PreSonus' high-headroom, Class-A XMAX mic preamplifiers for maximum gain, a low noise floor, and detailed audio quality.

The StudioLive 16.0.2 USB delivers the gamut of DSP processing including gate, compression, channel EQ, 31-band graphic EQ, and two stereo 32-bit digital effects processors with customizable reverb and delay presets. There are 2 dedicated effects buses and 4 auxiliary buses (pre- and post-fader assignable) for flexible signal routing. The mixer's flexible remote-control features and its compact design allow for a variety of portable applications.

The StudioLive 16.0.2 USB is bundled with PreSonus Studio One Artist recording software, Capture, UC Surface, and QMix software.  UC Surface enables full-duplex remote control with an iPad, iPhone, or laptop, making it an ideal solution for use on stage, in live sound reinforcement applications and remote recording, and more. The Studio Magic Plug-in Suite is also included, which adds a wealth of fresh sound and effects to Studio One. The StudioLive 16.0.2 ships with a power cord and a USB cable.

8 Mono Mic/Line Channel Inputs

High-headroom, Class-A XMAX mic preamplifier
XLR mic and balanced 1/4" line inputs
60mm precision fader

4 Stereo Line Channel Inputs

High-headroom, Class-A XMAX mic preamplifiers (Ch. 9, 11, 13, and 15)
XLR mic inputs (Ch. 9, 11, 13, and 15)
Balanced 1/4" line inputs (Ch. 9-16)
Unbalanced RCA line inputs (Ch. 13-16)
60mm precision faders (4 stereo)
4 auxiliary buses (pre- and post-fader send)

Fat Channel Signal Processing on all Channels and Buses

3-band, semi-parametric EQ (individual band on/off)
Full-featured compressor
Standard downward expander
Phase reverse (12 mic preamplifiers only)
Pan with dedicated 15-LED display
Stereo link for input channels and aux buses
High-pass filter

18-In/16-Out USB Recording Interface (24-bit/44.1 kHz and 24-bit/48 kHz)

Compatible with most audio software via ASIO, Windows Audio, and Core Audio

Software Bundle for Mac & Windows

PreSonus Studio One Artist Digital Audio Workstation: A completely modern professional environment for music recording, mixing, mastering, sharing, and collaboration. It’s Internet-savvy, and the mixer provides a complete solution by combining the features you really need with simple operation. Based on an ergonomic user interface and a content browser with powerful drag-and-drop functionality, feature-rich Studio One will let you work quickly and stay focused on your inspiration
PreSonus Capture Live-Recording Software: Designed exclusively for StudioLive mixers, Capture multitrack recording software allows instant setup and one-click recording of up to 64 tracks (at up to 96 kHz) directly from the mixer, with no configuration. Capture simplifies your live-recording environment, providing only the tools necessary to do a true virtual soundcheck and record a great performance, without placing huge demands on your CPU. Additionally, Capture looks and operates like a classic multitrack hard-disk recorder, so it's instantly familiar. Best of all, Capture uses the 64-bit Studio One audio engine, so your tracks will sound great
PreSonus UC Surface Mixer-Control Software: Designed primarily for live mixing but also well suited to the studio, free UC Surface touch-control software for Mac, Windows, and iPad provides bidirectional control and editor/librarian functions for all StudioLive AI- and RM-series Active Integration digital mixers and for Studio 192 and Studio 192 Mobile recording interfaces. UC Surface supports Windows touchscreens and networks via wired or wireless connections. It also integrates Rational Acoustics' Smaart Measurement Technology for professional room tuning and measurement, including the Smaart Spectra RTA (with time-frequency Spectrograph) and easy-to-use wizards
  • QMix: With the free PreSonus QMix software, up to ten musicians can simultaneously control their StudioLive monitor (aux) mixes using an iPhone or iPod touch. Four different mixes with a 16.0.2 QMix works a lot like SL Remote—one or more iPhones network wirelessly with a Mac or Windows computer, enabling QMix to remote-control Virtual StudioLive, which in turn controls one or more FireWire-connected StudioLive mixers. When each iPhone connects to the new network, its copy of QMix will discover all StudioLive mixers on the network—in this way, each musician can quickly and easily create an aux mix that includes all mixer channels. In the Virtual StudioLive portion of Universal Control, permissions can be set so that each iPhone user can only control one specified mix (or all mixes)—bandmates can't mess with each other's monitors
    • Provides wireless control over aux mixes in Virtual StudioLive, and hence, over aux mixes in any StudioLive-series digital mixer
    • Portrait view shows Wheel of Me, where you can select multiple "Me" channels and control their levels simultaneously
    • Landscape view provides control of all aux-send levels and panning (for linked auxes)
    • Aux mixes can be named (up to 10 characters)
    • Tap tempo for delay effects
    • Control the auxes on any StudioLive mixer on the wireless network via one iPhone or iPod touch
    • Multiple iPhones and iPod touches can control the same StudioLive
    • Set permissions in VSL so each iPhone and iPod touch can control only one specific aux mix
    • Available free from the Apple App Store



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