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Sheeran Loopers

Sheeran Loopers Looper + Pedal

Sheeran Loopers Looper + Pedal

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The Sheeran Looper + brings Ed Sheeran's signature looping workflow to your pedalboard. Designed by Ed and his production team, this next-generation dual-track looper pedal packs premium sound quality and connectivity into a portable unit. Whether you're a beginner looking to add a looper to your setup or a pro seeking to upgrade, the Sheeran Looper + is built to inspire your creativity.

Craft Intuitive Loops With Ed Sheeran's Workflow

Sheeran Looper + gives you the same single- and dual-track looping functionality Ed uses on stage. Easily record, overdub, playback and stop your loops with the rugged, stadium-grade foot pedals. The pedals provide smooth operation show after show thanks to precision engineering for optimal dimensions and spring pressure. Hold the pedals to undo/redo or clear loops on the fly. You can even connect external footswitches for advanced control of track soloing, muting, reverse playback and more.

Save and Share up to 128 Loops

When inspiration strikes, capture your loops right away. The Sheeran Looper + lets you store up to 128 loops with over three hours of onboard recording time. Easily manage your loop library by connecting to a Mac or PC, where the pedal shows up as a plug-and-play USB drive for quick file transfer. Share your loops online or collaborate with other musicians by simply dragging and dropping audio files.

Jam Anywhere With Extended Battery Life

Take your Sheeran Looper + on the road with over six hours of battery-powered looping on four AA batteries. The pedal is also bus-powered via USB when connected to a computer for fast loop transfer. For pedalboards, simply add a standard 9V power supply. With versatile power options, you can perform and practice your loops anywhere inspiration hits.

Connect Mics, Instruments, MIDI and More

The Sheeran Looper + offers flexible connectivity for any gig. Plug in a mic via XLR, or instruments—not only for guitar, but also keys, bass and beyond—through the 1/4" stereo inputs. Use the stereo outputs and MIDI input to integrate with pedals and controllers. Power up via USB, batteries or a power supply. With extensive options, it's easy to incorporate the Sheeran Looper + into your live performance setup.

Whether you're an Ed Sheeran fan or just want an intuitive, cutting-edge looper pedal, the Sheeran Looper + delivers pro-grade looping in a portable package. Craft inspiring loops with Ed's signature workflow, save hours of recordings and perform anywhere with versatile power options.


  • Premium die-cast pedals for precise control
  • Intuitive 1.8" color screen with loop status
  • Four looper modes: Single, Multi, Sync, Song
  • 128 storable loops, over three hours onboard storage
  • Over six hours battery life, USB connectivity
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