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Tackle Instrument Supply

Tackle Instrument Supply Compact Stick Case - Forest Green (NEW)

Tackle Instrument Supply Compact Stick Case - Forest Green (NEW)

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Tackle Instrument Supply brings us an old-world take on the humble stick bag. No mere receptacle for half-used sticks and chewed-up brushes, the Tackle stick bag is a classically styled work of art — one that’s built to last, and one that’ll inspire every time you sit down at the kit. Tackle’s slim cotton canvas shell is waxed for a worn-in rustic look; running fingers over the outside forms subtle lines across the surface for extra dimensionality. Fine-stitched leather forms the handles and straps, with heavy-duty metal clasps, buckles, and grommets acting as fastening hardware.

Tackle Instrument Supply Waxed Canvas Drumstick Bag Features:

  • Slim, compact 18" x 6.5" stick bag
  • Made by drummers, for drummers
  • Built to last
  • Earthy, rustic look
  • Waxed-cotton canvas shell
  • Fine-stitched leather handle and straps
  • Leather lace tie-down straps suspend this stick bag from floor tom legs
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