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Taylor AD24ce (NEW)

Taylor AD24ce (NEW)

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With its versatile Grand Auditorium body shape and cutaway, the AD24ce adds an entirely new dimension of sound to the American Dream Series. Back and sides of solid sapele paired with a mahogany top produce a warm, woody character with a prominent midrange focus, with the hardwood soundboard providing a natural compression effect to smooth out an aggressive attack. With our V-Class bracing inside to dial up louder volume, longer sustain and greater harmony all the way up the neck, the AD24ce offers a supremely balanced sound that's ideal for solo play sessions, recording and live performance. Appointments are earthy and distilled to keep the focus on sound, including a tobacco color treatment and a shaded edgeburst top finish.


  • Mahogany top for focused response with conrolled overtones
  • Sapele back and sides yield warm midrange character
  • Versatile Grand Auditorium body for cross-genre utility
  • V-Class bracing improves volume, sustain and harmony
  • Includes ES2 electronics and a sturdy, lightweight AeroCase
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