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Rothwell Love Squeeze Compressor (USED)

Rothwell Love Squeeze Compressor (USED)

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This pedal is in great cosmetic condition and fully functional, does not come with box. 


Rothwell pedals are hand-made in the UK with pretty much everything sourced in-house. Circuit boards are produced in the UK and even the cases are engraved and polished in the UK. The goal of the Love Squeeze is a very subtle and soft compression for fattening up the signal without sounding obviously compressed.

I must admit I am sometimes skeptical of compressors with only two knobs. What about being able to control my attack? What about having control over threshold at which the compression is applied and the ratio at which it is applied? How can just one compression dial satisfy it all?

The Love Squeeze is an original design that uses a discrete FET as the heart of a voltage controlled amplifier. The fact that the word "squeeze" is in the name does not mean that the Love Squeeze is a clone of the commonly copied Orange Squeezer. It is not.

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