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Ross Fuzz Guitar Effects Pedal (NEW)

Ross Fuzz Guitar Effects Pedal (NEW)

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Compression, chorus, distortion, phaser: by and large, the JHS-helmed reboot of Ross pedals is faithful to the brand’s original array of offerings. While those pedals certainly cover most of your bases, Josh Scott and company found one glaring omission from Ross’ OG lineup: fuzz. The Ross Fuzz is essentially the Ross pedal that never was, boasting a design tweaked from the distortion circuit on one of Bud Ross’ transistor amplifier models. It’s an exceptionally idiosyncratic-sounding fuzz pedal that gives you a Vintage mode in addition to a clearer, brighter Modern mode that’s engaged with a side-mounted switch. Plus, the Ross Fuzz’s visuals are borne straight out of the company’s classic tradition, with a vintage-style slanted enclosure and recessed Level/Fuzz control knobs. All in all, it’s a stunning addition to the Ross line — hopefully, there are many more additions come!

Ross Fuzz Guitar Pedal Features:

  • An all-new Ross creation based on the distortion circuit from Bud Ross’ amplifier-building days, built and designed by JHS in Kansas City, Mo.
  • Offers a versatile fuzz sound that goes from smooth distortion-like tones to bright, ripping lead sounds, boasting a topology that’s wholly distinct from almost any other fuzzbox
  • Ultra-simple 2-knob operation: Level and Fuzz
  • Side-mounted 2-position switch offers a Vintage mode (based on Bud's original distortion circuit design) and a Modern mode (brighter, more defined) that kicks your gain and bass response into overdrive
  • An assortment of modern functionality upgrades, including a significantly lowered noise floor, LED indicator, and soft-touch bypass
  • Vintage-correct slanted enclosure and recessed knobs
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