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Ross Distortion Guitar Effects Pedal (NEW)

Ross Distortion Guitar Effects Pedal (NEW)

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One of the 1970s most sought-after dirtboxes, the Ross Distortion is back in all its op-amp hard-clipping glory! This JHS-built pedal boasts the same amp-like feel and touch-sensitive dynamics of the original Ross Distortion, providing you with a seriously extensive range of tones. From raw rhythms that capture the essence of jagged tube breakup to saturated liquid-like leads, the Ross Distortion’s intuitive Level and Distort cover just about any dirty tone in the book. What makes this pedal so versatile? The key is the all-new 2-position voicing switch that provides access to the Distortion’s earliest germanium-equipped iteration and the later, smoother-sounding silicon version. You also get a host of modern functionality enhancements, including a soft-touch bypass, dramatically lowered noise floor, and an LED indicator. All in all, the Ross Distortion is faithful a sonic tribute to an all-time classic distortion, merging JHS’ modern pedal-building expertise with two of the most hard-hitting distortion voices of the vintage era.

Ross Distortion Pedal Features:

  • A JHS-built re-creation of the original Ross Distortion pedal from the 1970s, designed and built in Kansas City, Mo.
  • Provides a remarkably amp-like feel courtesy of an op-amp hard clipping circuit
  • 2-position side switch provides access to the Distortion’s earlier Era 2 voicing (germanium) and the later Era 3 voicing (silicon)
  • Classic 2-knob control scheme with simple Level and Distort knobs
  • Modern upgrades include a significantly lowered noise floor, soft-touch bypass, and LED indicator
  • Vintage-inspired slanted enclosure and Ross-signature recessed knobs
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