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Ross Phaser Guitar Effects Pedal (NEW)

Ross Phaser Guitar Effects Pedal (NEW)

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Out of production for decades, the classic Ross Phaser has been revived by (who else?) Josh Scott and JHS pedals! This immaculate tribute to the original Ross Phaser was designed and built in JHS’ Kansas City, Mo.-based facility, sporting a circuit that’s genuinely faithful to its vintage predecessor. Subtle sweeps, swirling psychedelia, and wide-range warble — the Ross Phaser’s simple Rate and Recycle control scheme runs the gamut of vintage-style phase tones. Plus, JHS saw fit to upgrade the Ross Phaser with a host of modern upgrades, not least of which is the all-new secondary Univibe mode inspired by a vintage Japanese pedal from the late 1960s. And while the Ross Phaser is tonally true to its orange-colored predecessor, we can’t help but appreciate how JHS decked this pedal out with full-featured modern functionality upgrades, including an indicator LED, soft-touch bypass, and drastically reduced noise floor.

Ross Phaser Pedal Features:

  • Classic OTA-based phaser that precisely captures the vibe and tone of the Ross original
  • Built to the highest standards by JHS pedals in Kansas City, Mo.
  • Supplies the lush, sweeping phase of the original Ross Phaser, in addition to an all-new Univibe mode based on a legendary late 1960s pedal from Japan
  • Ultra-simple Rate and Recycle (intensity) knobs grant you everything from a super-subtle touch of movement to all-out swooshing phase
  • Modern upgrades include an LED indicator, soft-touch bypass switch, and a significantly lowered noise floor
  • Slanted enclosure and recessed knobs inspired by Ross’ original line of pedals
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