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Ross Compressor Guitar Effects Pedal (NEW)

Ross Compressor Guitar Effects Pedal (NEW)

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Designed and constructed by JHS, the legendary Ross Compressor is back in all of its vintage-accurate glory! From raw squish to elegant Trey Anastasio-style infinite sustain, this pedal is a spot-on sonic re-creation of the original, with a few modern enhancements thrown in for good measure. First up, the Ross Compressor now boasts a side-mounted switch that gives you access to both the original’s unmistakable tone (Vintage mode), in addition to a clearer, more articulate variation of that same tone (Bright mode). Moreover, a soft-touch bypass, LED indicator, and drastically reduced noise floor take the Ross Compressor’s rustic 1970s roots straight into the world of 21st-century pedal building. It’s all topped off with a faithful replica of Ross’ iconic slanted top and recessed knob enclosure, resulting in a world-class compressor pedal that grants you the best of Ross’ vintage-style sound and JHS' meticulous pedal-building expertise.

Ross Compressor Pedal Features:

  • A vintage-accurate re-creation of the original Ross Compressor, designed and built by JHS in Kansas City, Mo.
  • Perfectly captures the colorful and squishy OTA sound of the original Ross Compressor, taking your sound from a slight squash to vocal-like infinite sustain
  • Ultra-simple 2-knob operation, including a Level and Sustain knob
  • Side-mounted 2-position switch gives you the classic Ross Compressor sound (Vintage mode) and a more articulate variation for dark-sounding rigs (Bright mode)
  • Several modern functionality upgrades, including a significantly lowered noise floor and soft-touch bypass
  • Vintage-correct slanted enclosure and recessed knobs
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