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Martin SC10E-02 Acoustic-electric Guitar (NEW)

Martin SC10E-02 Acoustic-electric Guitar (NEW)

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Martin’s SC10E-02 combines Martin’s newest tradition of innovative SC series acoustic-electric guitars with one of their oldest traditions: professional-grade, hardwood-topped instruments for the working musician. The SC10E-02 starts with the foundation established by its SC series predecessors, including a Sure Align neck system, 13-fret neck joint, and comfortable asymmetrical body shape. However, instead of a standard spruce top, the SC10E-02’s all-sapele body harkens back to Martin’s hardwood-topped instruments from the early 20th century, offering a more mellow and laid-back response. The SC10E-02’s select hardwood neck mirrors the old-meets-new sentiment established by the body, with an ultra-ergonomic low-profile velocity select hardwood neck and smooth richlite fingerboard. Rounded out by MX-T electronics, the SC10E-02 is a performance-minded entryway into the cutting-edge Martin SC series.

Martin SC10E-02 Acoustic-electric Guitar Features:

  • Asymmetrical SC series body provides unmatched playing comfort both seated and standing
  • All-sapele body provides a mellower and more midrange-focused response than standard spruce-topped Martin guitars
  • Tone Tension X-bracing provides a touch of Martin’s iconic bass-forward boom
  • Select hardwood neck carved into an ultra-high-performance low-profile velocity profile, giving you electric-like playability
  • Exceptionally durable richlite fingerboard
  • 1.75-inch nut width offers more than enough room for fingerpickers while still remaining slim enough for flatpickers
  • Deep cutaway, 13th-fret neck joint, and Sure Align neck system make playing in the upper register a breeze
  • Martin MX-T electronics to take on the stage or record straight in
  • Incredibly reliable chrome closed-gear tuners
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