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Xotic BB Plus Preamp and Boost Pedal (USED)

Xotic BB Plus Preamp and Boost Pedal (USED)

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Pedal shows some signs of use, but is fully functional and sounds great. Does not have box.


Evoking the core qualities of Xotic's original BB Preamp pedal, the 2-channel Xotic BB Plus serves up inspiring tones by the truckload. Channel A feels very amp-like and delivers an open tone with rich, complex harmonics. Channel B behaves like a booster, pushing your amp into transcendent overdrive without changing your fundamental tone. Both channels offer a myriad of tones independently, but it's when you stack them together that the magic really happens.

Xotic BB Plus Pedal Features at a Glance:

  • Transparent, versatile 2-channel preamp that fits on your pedalboard
  • Channel A features Volume, Tone, Gain, and Comp controls
  • Channel B features Volume, 3-band EQ, Gain, and Comp controls
  • Activate channels individually or stack them together for a myriad of tones
  • A>B, B>A button changes the order of the tone stack for even more options
  • Dial in everything from a clean boost to a '60s British sound
  • True bypass design preserves your tone
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