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Greer Lightspeed Organic Overdrive (USED)

Greer Lightspeed Organic Overdrive (USED)

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Pedal is in great shape with little to no wear throughout. Fully functional, sounds great, and comes with the original box!


The Lightspeed Organic Overdrive is a very natural sounding overdrive. Why "organic"?  Well, simply put, it's the clearest, most natural feeling, and best overdrive we've heard for the player looking for a natural drive tone.  Blending with the tone of the guitar and amplifier, this pedal has rich harmonics and complex but smooth clipping. The Lightspeed Overdrive is sensitive to pick attack and has a different "feel" than other overdrives. The Lightspeed can be set to be "transparent," but can also drive your signal to the edge. 


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